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Starryguo: Astronomy on Stamps

"Astronomy on Stamps" ist ein in China 2012 publiziertes Buch in chinesischer Sprache. International verständlich sind natürlich die 1300 Briefmarkenabbildungen aus 215 Ländern und Regionen. Das Buch enthält alle Arten von philatelistischem Material. Es beginnt mit dem Jahr 1860 und endet mit dem 5. Juni 2012. 246 Seiten, Hochglanzpapier, hervorragender Druck, auf den meisten Seite mehrere Briefmarken abgebildet, vereinzelt auch sehr seltene Ganzsachen.

Originalwerbung des Autors Starryguo: "The book contains more than 1300 pieces of stamps of the 215 coutries and regions (include coutries and regions in history), more than 26 kinds of philatelic materials, e.g. SS, Maxicard, postmark, prestamped postcard, ATM stamp, etc. The time is from 1860 to 2012, the first stamp used in this book is from 1860, and the latest item is from 5th June, 2012. Except ten used stamps, all materials are unused stamp and each stamp with necessary explanation and context is well arranged so that it's easy to read from one page to next page. Even if no stamps, the article is also great for promoting astronomy goes into public.

As far as I know, it's the first colored book with so many stamps related to astronomy in the world. However, the book is written by Chinese. I have idea to add some English to the title or summary of each page, but the time and the tough task blocked me.

I don't know how many ASU (Astronomy Study Unit) members like this book, or other persons who like this kind of book, also because the China oversea postage is too expensive to afford, I don't know how many person would like to buy one for reading or collecting. The book's price is RMB (Renminbi) 68,00, around USD 10,00 but the postage would be very high as the book is really heavy: 0.9 kg."

Anfragen zur Buchbestellung über Eckehard Schmidt.

Launch of "Astronomy on Stamps" and a Commemorative Envelope of 28th IAU Congress 2012